Newington, Georgia
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Ordered two sets of king, bamboo, monogrammed, sheets. First sets arrived only to find that top sheets were the wrong size on both sets.

Contacted customer support with issue. Poor customer support. First call stayed on hold 16 minutes and got disconnected. Second call the rep was rude.

Replacement sets were sent and arrived but were also the wrong size. Called customer support again...was a little better this time except it was unproffesional how the rep just covered her microphone for an extended time (sounded like muffled wind sounds for five minutes) while she spoke to her supervisor. Is going to send return label. Rep said she would call back and resolve issue later.

Received an email with return label and message that there would be a 10% restocking fee for items that needed to be repacked.

Not happy since you have to unpack to check size and you can never repack the way it was. Issue still not resolved...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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